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Vanzeel Co Ltd specialises in assisting with purchases here in China and has done since 2006. We can manage from sourcing to delivery if required. Our services are flexible and can be altered at short notice to suit your changing operational requirements. There are no hidden extras in our services or costs.
We are located in Luoyang in central China and with our small dedicated team, we are well placed to ensure your orders are expedited in a safe and timely manner.

Our capabilities are listed below for your information. See how we can help you start saving today.


If you haven’t found your product already we can help you try and find a manufacturer. Emphasis is on manufacturer rather than a trader. In this instance, we will also carry out our initial basic due diligence on the manufacturer before we give you our recommendations.


A key part of the process as we need to know we are helping you deal directly with the factory(s). We investigate the companies manufacturing processes and financial history. We make the first preliminary steps into ensuring safe materials and production processes are used, and we also look at the human factor within the factory.


We will discuss with you the supplier(s) you have selected and location regarding transportation. If you have already found a supplier, this would be the point where you would share the contact details with us. 


Agree with your supplier the terms of the order in a contract before placing the order. If you’re doing business in China, and you place an order without having a contract, it could be a problem if something goes wrong.


We will, if required appear at the factory announced/unannounced to check the order progress, quality and completion date of your order. Spontaneous visits can help to ensure the accuracy of a completion date.


This is a critical service and one we’re called on to do the most. We can provide a video link to enable you to see the QC process and become more involved with what we check.


Again another service that we are called upon to carry out. It’s important for you to know what is in the container, and how it’s been loaded. And that you’re only paying for what has been despatched.


Transport to port and customs clearance can be a cost-saving area. Controlling and arranging your logistics will almost always save you money. We act as a broker for shipping and have our own export licence and can help you with the steps required.


Some customers arrange this themselves. As with customs clearance procedures, we can also provide a no-obligation quote for you. Consider some insurance.


Again we can take care of this aspect, tell you when and were to pay VAT, Import Duty and agents fees. We can arrange transport to your requested delivery location.

Transportation / Shipping

You are free to choose us to be involved with the whole process or select any individual services. The main thing is communication if you have a special requirement, let us know we can always discuss options with you. You will have the contact details of the person that’s overseeing your order for your convenience. And you will be kept informed with everything you require us to do. We’re here to provide you with ‘peace of mind’.

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