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This is for companies interested in finding out more about the possibilities of procuring their products safely. We provide a 4 day introduction visit consisting of:

  • An informal welcome to China.

  • An introduction to Chinese business culture.

  • A briefing focused on an appropriate industry.

  • Travel to specific areas of interest.

  • Accommodation.

  • Visa introduction letter.

  • Internal Travel



Vanzeel Logistics Ltd will provide an invitation letter which will enable you to apply for a Visa.

What is required from the applicant?

  • Applicant’s passport details

  • Dates of travel


Hiring a well-briefed professional interpreter is best to navigate your way around and discuss sensitive business matters with your supplier.

It is advisable to have your own interpreter available to assist with discussions when required. Chinese partners often spring interpreting on junior staff that have studied English but are neither experienced at interpreting nor pre-briefed on the topic of the meeting. With your own interpreter, you should also have some feedback afterwards on what was said and how it was said, and just as important what wasn’t  said, during the meeting. At VANZEEL Logistics Ltd we provide an interpreter that is discreet and on your side working for you.



Vanzeel Logistics Ltd Company Registration Report – and what it means for you.

A Vanzeel Logistics Ltd Company Registration Report uses the Chinese company’s AIC registration to provide you with the following information:

  • Company name

  • Registered address

  • Registration number

  • Legal representative

  • Registration capital 

  • Date of registration

  • Type of enterprise

  • Business scope

  • Shareholder

  • Renewal status

Basic company information will help you determine whether the company is bona fide and is legitimately registered. You will then be in a position to make a more informed decision about whether your supplier might be an appropriate business partner and assess what further due diligence may be required.

Conducting a Company Registration Report is the very first level of due diligence, and should be done when researching the background of a supplier. You may require access to more detailed information, such as financial, quality and social responsibility information, on a prospective partner in China. Vanzeel Logistics Ltd can also provide a Company Assessment Report, which analyses information from a Chinese company relating to its capabilities, professionalism and experience of supplying/working with foreign companies.

We provide many additional services all designed to assist you. Below is a brief description of our services. To discuss your requirements send us an email. We will reply within 24 hours.


Anyone can now find their products in China using the various sourcing websites available (see below). You will find many companies selling the products you need. Visiting potential suppliers and building relationships with them, you can find your preferred supplier and buy with confidence (after all what’s stopping you?). Buying direct could save you 15% or more over the cost of a trader or agent. The cost of your visit can be recouped with the savings you can make on your first order. We are here to guide you through this process and assist in any way we can.

We prefer you to manage your own purchases, this way you have control of the whole operation from start to finish. Many companies thanks to these tours are making the savings that the big companies are enjoying. Why should you miss out!!

We can help​:

  • Arrange and ‘Invitation Letter’ for you and apply for your visa.

  • Collect you from the airport.

  • Organise your accommodation.

  • Supply a translator.

  • Prepare a daily/evening itinerary.

  • Arrange travel within China and to your chosen factories.

  • Assist with the negotiations (if required) so you get the best possible price.

After you have achieved the results you want you can either use our services for parts of the purchasing process or not at all. It’s your choice, you have control!! It doesn’t cost anything to make an inquiry, so start today.

Complete our inquiry form on the ‘contact us‘ page and start taking control today.


Do your homework before you decide to come on a sourcing tour.. Knowing where to look is a good start and below are some of the popular and least popular sourcing websites. Click on the logos to go to the relevant website.



Visiting China for the first time can be quite a challenge due to the communication barrier. While more & more people are starting to speak English, communicating remains a big challenge for foreigners visiting China. Simple things like ordering at a restaurant, finding your way around,  can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we have a specially designed “Canton Fair Package” so that you can focus on your business and allow us to take care of the rest.


Shanghai International Exhibition Centre

The “China Import & Export Fair” also known as the Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China. It is the place to start if you are looking for products. The Canton Fair has a more extensive range of products available, the largest attendance and the most number of business deals made. The Canton Fair is held twice a year usually in April & October and is divided into three different phases, featuring different products. Trips to other venues like the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre can also be arranged.

Our Canton Fair Package ensures that you can focus on visiting the most important areas of the fair. We will manage everything from booking hotels to providing a translator to receiving you at the airport from the time you land in China.

​Some of the services included in the Canton Fair Package include the following:

  • Collection at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

  • Transfer to Hotel from the Airport 

  • Hotel Arrangements in Guangzhou

  • Registration & Entry Card for the Canton Fair

  • Help with arranging visits to tourist places and other cities (If required).

  • Phone support during the entire duration of your visit

  • Help with visiting the local wholesale markets & negotiating prices with suppliers

  • Factory Visits in Guangdong Province. Factory visits to other parts of China can also be arranged however advanced notice is useful so all preparations can be made on time.

Shanghai International Exhibition Centre.jpeg

Shanghai International Exhibition Centre

  • Personal Translator for the Canton Fair and if requested for visits to wholesale markets and any other places


Once the show has finished you may wish to visit some of the manufacturers that you have selected. Again we can take care of this under our ‘Sourcing Tours package’ see here. These include the following:

  • Supplier Visits

  • Arrange flights.

  • Local airport collection.

  • Transfer to Hotel​

  • Phone support during the entire duration of your visit

  • Assist with visits and meetings for local companies

  • Assist with translation if required.

  • Clean up and safe return home.

Entrance doors at Shanghai International Exhibition Centre.jpeg

Entrance doors at Shanghai International Exhibition Centre

Whatever assistance you need we are here for you.

Go to our contacts page and tell us what you need, we will respond within 24 hours.

Useful Info:  Now you can get a temporary Chinese driving licence when you enter China.

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